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Software Developer

My name is El-Shaddai Akindele and I am Software Developer and the Chief Executive Officer of ETMC. I obtained my qualifications at the University of Toronto. Where I developed a proficiency in frontend and backend work using CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL, coding, Node.js, HTML, JSON, Mongo DB, Heroku and App development. With an educational background in Psychology, French and Business.

Our goal is to create an impact that reaches millions of people by providing exceptional services, all while highlighting the importance of communication using technology in a way that transcends borders. True to this goal, we are currently working with clients from North America, all the way to Africa.

We are happy to offer services in French upon request. Consultation fees may vary.

For more information, contact us at:

Email : elshie@etmc.info

Elshaddai Akindele Software Developer and Chief Executive Officer of ETMC

ETMC is a company that works closely with clients to provide an attention-grabbing website, guaranteed to improve the client’s business outcome. EMTC works in creating new and innovative applications to meet your business’ needs.

At ETMC, we strive to bring our clients’ ideas to life through one-on-one consultations, which can be held in person or online.

We at ETMC specialize in web applications of all kinds, including E-commerce, Agriculture, Media, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Music, and many more. We also offer services for government websites.

Our team of knowledgeable developers works every day to remain up-to-date with rapidly evolving technological advancements and trends so that they may provide clients with today’s leading methods and optimize their prospects.

ETMC understands that the goals and demands of clients vary. We offer a wide range of services that clients can tailor to their own needs. Services ranging from ETMC Standard and Premium services.

Commercial Projects

Public Spaces

Residential Homes

standard Services

Customized Website Creation

Web portfolios

Booking sites


Premium Services

Building and maintaining an online presence

Closely monitoring business growth

Building credibility for future and prospective clients

Contact Us at


Email : elshie@etmc.info
Phone : 1+2263788022
London, On, Canada